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Top Ten Best Books for Conflict

These are my personal favorites. Though not all are obviously on conflict, taken together they helped build my theoretical approach. I will post a separate top ten on books about the experience of conflict: Getting to Yes Roger Fisher and … Continue reading

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Conflict Web Resources

The website associated with this blog and slowly acquiring conflict toolkits is: http://www.conflict-toolkit.com Conflict Resolution Information is a very comprehensive source of conflict resolution material based at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA with a rather different perspective from this … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution Strategy: Re-framing Conflict

My favorite living artist is Howard Hodgkin. He makes me see the world differently, especially when I am drawn into one of his large pictures in a gallery. In particular I like the way he draws attention to the way … Continue reading

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Conflict Hero

Does the name Hugh Thompson mean anything to you? Do you recognize his photo? If not go and see what Wikipedia has to say about him at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Thompson,_Jr. A rather different war hero: someone who actually stopped the killing of … Continue reading

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Conflict Movies

I guess I tend to look at many films through the lens of how well conflict is handled. But there are a few movies that really add something to understanding conflict. My top picks are: Fog of War directed by … Continue reading

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