Another Perspective on the Middle East and Afghanistan from Victor

In response to my recent repost on the Middle East, our correspondent Victor commented and I thought it was worth posting in its own right:

What happened to derail the 2 state solution was the assassination of Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin by right wing radical terrorist Yigal Amir in 1995.

That was the final blow to the Israeli brand world wide and the end of its dream to become the finance and technology hub of the Mid-East.
Since then Israel has managed to alienate all its remaining friends–for the US it is a crazy aunt in the attic to whom we dole out $3Billion per year with no ROI and with no compliance in return.
As PMs Barak and Olmert predicted Israeli is now on the old South Africa path, apartheid, pariah status, international boycotts and ultimately a multi-ethnic One state solution.

Rabins assassin — Amir was not some crazy loner.
Amir was a tool of the Settler militants and their supporters on Israel’s not-that-far Right; the nihilistic expression of religious fanaticism and bloodcurdling nationalism.
Amir personified Israel’s enemy within, the coup d’etat waiting to happen.

On a more positive note–there are some key developments towards achieving a collaborative solution to Afghanistan–and Kissinger is the spokesperson—

Sept 14 2010
Gates to Meet With Russian Defense Minister @ the Pentagon

As a sign of the importance Mr. Gates places on the visit of the Russian minister, the defense secretary has set aside all of Wednesday for three formal working sessions before a final working dinner.
Expected to be on the table is Afghanistan — where the Russians have provided a vital northern supply route for NATO forces.
This is part of the exit strategy for Afghanistan that Kissinger announced last Friday in Geneva,
he said– Russia, Pakistan, Iran, China and India all have an interest in preventing a Taliban victory and al-Qaeda from establishing itself in Afghanistan—as a narco-terrorist state.
Kissinger concluded “an essentially unilateral American role cannot be the long-term solution.”

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