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Top Twelve Conflict Tips for US/China Relations

Looking to the future, it is not hard to see what we could learn from an After Action Review of US policy during the Cold War 1945-1991 that is relevant to any future conflict potential with China: We should create … Continue reading

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Linkage and US Power

The Big American Leak By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Published: December 4, 201 Sorry I know I keep posting his stuff, but Tom Friedman at the New York Times is really on a roll and his latest article right on target: energy … Continue reading

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Resistance to Change and Cisco’s DNA

Most of my professional life has been focused on finding ways to address resistance to change. I don’t mean doing to change to people, but engaging them in the change process to meet their own interests better (my main aim … Continue reading

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The Downside to Wikileaks

Our correspondent Victor has commented on Wikileaks and I thought his arguments provided a good counter point to the free flow of information comments on the Web. I am posting it as its own post accordingly. The problem is that … Continue reading

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