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Christmas Eve 1914 Truce

Seasons Greetings and a You Tube clip about the informal cease fire that actually broke out on sections of the Western Front in World War One at Christmas 1914: See: A cross, left near Ypres in Belgium in 1999, to … Continue reading

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The Emerging Importance of the Indian Ocean

Interesting Podcast from The Economist from the traveller, historian and author of “Monsoon” about the emerging centrality of the Indian Ocean and on his new cartography, China’s vertical strategy and India’s horizontal response at:

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Is History Always Written by the Victors?

My recent posting on the US Civil War, provoked some discussion and the comment from our correspondent Victor that ‘history is written by the victors’. I thought it worth posting my response with some editing in its own right: Victor’s … Continue reading

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Was the US Civil War/War Between the States Fought Over Slavery?

A recent post on 3 Quarks Daily raised this issue: Included in the comments was this interesting response: The declarations of secession by individual Southern states (see here for excerpts ) at the outset of the war stated … Continue reading

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US Marines are Going Green

Tom Friedman reports that the US Marines have found a higher level solution to fueling their vehicles, ships and aircraft: to reduce their dependence on pure petroleum by aiming to derive half their fuel from solar power (for generators in … Continue reading

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Economic Cut Backs

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Don’t Invite Henry Kissinger to Dinner

I mentioned Henry Kissinger in a posting a day or so back in illustrating the distinction between very smart and wise in conflict. And by coincidence, above is what Christopher Hitchens is saying in his latest posting: And if … Continue reading

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