Handling School Bullying

A friend of mine’s son, Joe is a very bright 13 year old who is bullied in school. I think he found a way to fight back intelligently:

A bully approached him and said in front of a group of kids: ‘Hey Joe. You are gay and stupid’

Joe paused as if to take the information he had been given seriously. ‘Wait a minute, I like girls and hang out with them, so I am not gay. And in class tests, I get much better scores than you, so I can’t be stupid. So what are you saying?’

Exit perplexed bully stage left.

And another friend of mine’s daughter reported an excellent school anti-bullying session on Saturday. Only downside: the school’s leading bully was prevented from attending by his parents. Hmm.. interesting. Maybe the kid’s parents sent him to school, saying: make sure you bully some kids today, like we bully you?

(Personal Footnote: Now to be honest as a teenage boy, I got in a lot of fights, and so I would probably have punched a bully before engaging in any rhetoric, but Joe is wiser than I was.)

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I spent 32 years in a Fortune Five company working on conflict: organizational, labor relations and senior management. I have consulted in a dozen different business sectors and the US Military. I work with a local environmental non profit. I have written a book on the neuroscience of conflict, and its implications for conflict handling called Creative Conflict Wisdom (forthcoming).
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