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The Movie The Kingdom

I like the movie The Kingdom, directed by Peter Berg, because it gives a realistic impression of the complexity of the political situation in Saudi Arabia, and it is also a high quality action movie. But I like it for … Continue reading

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Climate sceptic Willie Soon received $1m from oil companies, papers show

Now here is a surprising story from today’s Guardian: Documents obtained by Greenpeace show prominent opponent of climate change was funded by ExxonMobil, among others. One of the world’s most prominent scientific figures to be sceptical about climate change has admitted to being … Continue reading

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The Blog Spreads: Conspiracy Theorists Posting enjoyed in Bulgarian

This is what my post of February 28th 2011 on conspiracy theorists looks like translated into what I think is Bulgarian. I guess the cartoon wouldn’t translate: Десетте най-Съвети за теоретиците на конспирацията Публикувано на 28ми февруари 2011 от creativeconflictwisdom Лично аз никога … Continue reading

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Conflict Heroes and Heroines

Almost impossible to decide but here are a representative selection of conflict heroes and heroines, both well known and less so: Llewellyn Thompson (the man who swung the Cuban Missile Crisis towards a peaceful settlement) Stanislav Petrov, the Russian who … Continue reading

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War Art: The Triumph of Death by Pieter Breughel (1525-69)

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Straw Men Arguments

Nothing like a good argument. So it was good to see this piece in 3 Quarks Daily today on bad arguments: http://www.3quarksdaily.com/3quarksdaily/2011/06/men-of-straw.html JUNE 27, 2011 MEN OF STRAW by Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse Properly run argument requires … Continue reading

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