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Conflict Heroes and Heroines

Almost impossible to decide but here are a representative selection of conflict heroes and heroines, both well known and less so: Llewellyn Thompson (the man who swung the Cuban Missile Crisis towards a peaceful settlement) Stanislav Petrov, the Russian who … Continue reading

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War Art: The Triumph of Death by Pieter Breughel (1525-69)

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Straw Men Arguments

Nothing like a good argument. So it was good to see this piece in 3 Quarks Daily today on bad arguments: JUNE 27, 2011 MEN OF STRAW by Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse Properly run argument requires … Continue reading

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South African ‘Genocide’: 2.5 million Killed by Post-Apartheid ANC Government Neglect

I am reading R.W. Johnson’s extraordinary history of South African since the transition to majority rule ‘South Africa’s Brave New World: the Beloved Country since the End of Apartheid’. I will blog more about it when I have finished it. … Continue reading

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No Nuclear Weapons?

Interesting documentary by Lucy Walker trailered in today’s UK Guardian newspaper:

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Conflict and Inequality: Global Income Disparity Since World War II

Haven’t the global elites been busy increasing their share of economic output, especially the top 1% who have used globalization masterfully without actually much benefit to the other levels, at least in the developed countries. In the developing world, while … Continue reading

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Karen Armstrong: TED Award Acceptance Speech

I thought my readers might enjoy the religious writer Karen Armstrong talking about compassion, a key quality in conflict handling:

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