Moderate Republicans: an Extinct Species of RINO?

Seeing the crazies who seem to be the Republican candidates, and their audiences this campaign season, and also hearing that a species of rhino had become extinct, I wondered if the species of Moderate Republicans aka RINO (Republican in Name Only = sensible Republicans), many of whom I used to admire, even if I did not always agree with them, has become extinct?


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I spent 32 years in a Fortune Five company working on conflict: organizational, labor relations and senior management. I have consulted in a dozen different business sectors and the US Military. I work with a local environmental non profit. I have written a book on the neuroscience of conflict, and its implications for conflict handling called Creative Conflict Wisdom (forthcoming).
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9 Responses to Moderate Republicans: an Extinct Species of RINO?

  1. In a different context, I often face the same issue regarding Evangelical Christians.

    As an progressive Evangelical who believes in same-sex relatioships and a less jugdmental form of evangelical Christian faith, there are those who would like to call me a EINO (Evangelical in name only), but this is counterproductive to our cause of setting that part of the Christian tradition free from more Fundamentalist persuasions.

    So I hope that RINO’s are not extinct, but wonder if using that name harms their cause in the Republican Party and pushes them further towards extinction. If it does, we may all suffer from the consequences.

    • Benny, interesting parallel. Republican moderates don’t call themselves RINOs. It is a term of abuse from the Tea Party etc. I was just punning on the recently extinct type of rhino and the cartoon I found.And in some ways I think of the Tea Party as RINO, or maybe CIAA (pronounced chaa!): Crazy in All Aspects.But then I am known to be a bit combative. 🙂

      I struggle with Evangelicals not being progressive or at very least very charitable, as I cannot get away from the idea that the good news of Jesus’s life is about loving others, and it is a modification of a Ten Commandment fundamentalism. Indeed, Rabbi Hillel was taking Judaism in the same direction at about the same time with his famous response to being asked to explain the whole of the Torah while standing on one foot: ‘Do unto others as you would be done by. That is the whole of the Torah. The rest is commentary. Go study.’

      I am reading James P Carse ‘The Religious Case Against Belief’ that seems to cover interesting ground. I loved his Finite and Infinite Games. He is a retired Professor of Religion.

  2. dancingczars says:

    Perhaps you would enjoying my site at LINK DOESNT WORK SO DELETED FOR SECURITY SAKE Are RINO’s sensible that put in hard left wing Supreme Court Justice Nominees, ones that hate the military and like Sharia, and are not believers in our own constitution? How about those who voted during recess for the START initiative, sure we have enough nukes, but to not get Russia to reciprocate is insane. I encourage you to visit my site. Paul Ryan has put together the only credible budget solution that can be signed into law. You would be interested the number that have said they won’t vote for it, why? It cuts perks, earmarks, and lobbying money. Look forward to hearing from you I’m J.C.

    • @dancingczars. Having trouble finding your site: the link doesn’t seem to work.

      But we actually really like RINOs on this blog, as the only hope to get some bi-partisan rebuilding America going. Without RINOs and sensible Dems, we are doomed to be overtaken by China. There are no hard left wing Supreme Court Justice Nominees in living memory, or ones that hate the military. And I don’t see a single twitch towards Sharia Law (can you list some example?) and the Constitution is an instrument of interpretation, a living guide to how run politics not a block of ice. Once someone takes to name calling and over stating and mis-representing their opponents positions, I tend to lose interest.

      Paul Ryan, like many Republicans may have some useful ideas, but in reality, I see no way of bridging the deficit without also raising taxes and I know just who should be paying those increases: those whose taxes were cut under Bush. This blog is probably extreme left wing by your standards aka moderate by the standards of the majority of Americans judging by how they poll on the economic injustice of the current system. They want an income distribution like Europe’s according to how they poll. I worked all my life in up to senior positions for-profit manufacturing and I have no time for too big to fail banks and an economic system that screws ordinary working people. No sign from anywhere in the Republican Party of any recognition of this issue. Just no nothingist populist slogans, though I do at least recognize Ron Paul has a plan with some numbers in it. I just don’t like the labels attached to the numbers. Or the interests he is knowingly or unknowingly serving: the Kochs of this world.

      This blog is about diversity of opinion and debate, so feel free to comment more. We are listening.

      PS Though Bernie Sanders is really our man, not the tame Dems….he hates earmarks and special interests too but has more understanding of and interest in the working folk who made and make America.

      • Kyrie Eleison says:

        I was able to locate his site, and one referencing “Dump the RINO” which seems to be focused on attacking Lindsey Graham.

        It’s just my opinion, but considering the references to military PsyOps plus the high concentration of ad hominem arguments and conspiracy theory material, it comes across to me as more of a COINTELPRO than a site that wants to seriously discuss issues.

      • Kyrie, we’ll see if we get any response. See also my posting today on Belief which also touches on whether people are actually open to new views and new data.What I really find good is people with very different views who are nevertheless open to discussion; then we can all learn something.

      • Kyrie Eleison says:

        I’ve read it. 🙂 I made my position clear on an earlier posting of yours about this subject, and about our intelligence programs.

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