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Have You Found Jesus?

I hope this cartoon does not offend anyone, but I like the idea of someone being asked: Have you found Jesus? by two door to door possibly Jehovahs Witnesses in this situation:

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Conflict Novel: ‘Slaughter House Five’: Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007)

I have always loved the piece below in the Kurt Vonnegut novel Slaughter House Five. The novel is based on his experience of being an American Prisoner of War in Dresden, when it was fire bombed and the medieval city … Continue reading

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The Mathematical Equation that Caused the Banks to Crash: Black-Scholes

I recently was told in all seriousness by a Republican voter, that the financial crisis was not the fault of the banks, but of the Democrats who forced them to make sub-prime loans. Well, I will say more on that … Continue reading

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