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Albert Camus (1913-60): Top Ten Conflict Tips

I love the work of the French writer Albert Camus and thought it time we did one of our Top Ten Conflict Tips based on his thinking. All modern revolutions have ended in a reinforcement of the power of the … Continue reading

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America’s Idiot Rich

Nice piece by Alex Pareene in 3 Quarks Daily from Salon today at: http://www.salon.com/2012/05/07/americas_idiot_rich/ The 1 percent is complaining louder than ever. There can be no reasoning with people this irrational Some unknown but alarming number of ultra-rich Americans are … Continue reading

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The Last Time North Carolina Amended its Constitution on Marriage: 1875

Just as a matter of interest, given its recent vote to ban Gay Marriage, Civil Partnerships between gay people and so on, what do you think was the last time North Carolina amended its constitution on the subject of marriage. … Continue reading

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