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Being Wrong: the Theology: Conflict Humor

I love the question: ‘What if you are mistaken, are in fact wrong?‘ This is not the same as saying to someone: ‘You are wrong’. In fact, it is almost the opposite. And, of course, I am often wrong. So … Continue reading

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John Keats (1795-1821) and Negative Capability

I have always had a soft spot for John Keat’s idea of Negative Capability and the real sense of thinking ‘outside the box’ of our preconceptions and mental lenses. It fits with my dislike of ideology, of seeing the world … Continue reading

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‘War Music’ an Extract by Christopher Logue (1926-2011): Conflict Poetry

War Music – Patrocleia’ (extract) His hand came from the east, And in his wrist lay all eternity; And every atom of his mystic weight Was poised between his fist and bent left leg. Your eyes lurched out. Achilles’ bonnet … Continue reading

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Mapping Your Interests in Conflict, Collaboration or Internal Dilemmas

A very good friend of mine, I call The Wave Rider, has just asked me how she might map out her Interests in a complex collaboration/conflict situation at work. I thought this was a really good question, and one we … Continue reading

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