Today is the 69th Anniversary of D-Day But We Also Remember Operation Bagration

Today is the 69th Anniversary of the Allied Invasion of Nazi dominated Europe, we know as D-Day. This campaign resulted in the deaths of over 40,000 allied soldiers, sailors and airmen and with my friends around the world I honor them.

But at the anniversary of the opening of the Normandy Campaign, I also remember Operation Bagration that took place at the same time between 22 June and 19th August 1944, on the German’s Eastern Front and cleared the Nazis out of what is now Belorussia at the cost of over 200,000 Russian/Soviet and their allies’ soldiers killed. It is for their sake, not politics that I remind people of this.

We focus on our own losses but we should also remember these catastrophic losses for Russian families, who during the whole of World War 2  from 1941-45 lost 8.7 million military casualties and 17.9 million civilians,  or a total of 26.6 million, though some say the losses were more like 40 million in total.


50,000 German Prisoners of War marched through Moscow after Operation Bagration:

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