The Application of Daniel Kahneman’s Biases and Heuristics to Conflict

I have always found the work of Daniel Kahneman and his later collaborator Amos Tverksy very useful on the biases we show in facing reality and nowhere is this more useful than in conflict. You can read about their work in the article below, although it is not a good summary,  but this is my summary/aide memoire for their main sources of bias: 

Biases and Heuristics. Kahneman..pptx as a picture


Click to access content%20gilovich%20et%20al.pdf

About creativeconflictwisdom

I spent 32 years in a Fortune Five company working on conflict: organizational, labor relations and senior management. I have consulted in a dozen different business sectors and the US Military. I work with a local environmental non profit. I have written a book on the neuroscience of conflict, and its implications for conflict handling called Creative Conflict Wisdom (forthcoming).
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