Footnote to the Liberation of Paris

I am reposting an old post and dedicating it to Ruben for reminding me not to be too focused on economics: 

In the horrors of war, I also appreciate unexpected historical irony and justice, and in this case connected with my love of both France and Spain. The first allied troops to enter Paris and start its formal liberation from the Germans on August 24th 1944 were Spanish troops of the Neuve, the famous 9e Companie of the RMT (Régiment de Marche du Tchad) of the French North African army . These were Republican veterans of the Spanish Civil War. 

‘With the help of FFI (French Forces of the Interior) members, the column made their way up the Avenue d’Italie, across the Austerlitz bridge to the Hotel de Ville….The column sent some members to the police prefecture and on learning the news, the massive bells on Notre Dame began to chime to announce their arrival, soon repeated by all the church bells in central Paris.’

Vive La France! Viva la Espana libre! The latter took somewhat longer; 30 years to be precise.

So those, who had been fighting fascism since 1936, got their moment in history.

And here they are taking a rest in the Bois de Bologne. Muchas gracias companeros! Muerta al fascismo!


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I spent 32 years in a Fortune Five company working on conflict: organizational, labor relations and senior management. I have consulted in a dozen different business sectors and the US Military. I work with a local environmental non profit. I have written a book on the neuroscience of conflict, and its implications for conflict handling called Creative Conflict Wisdom (forthcoming).
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1 Response to Footnote to the Liberation of Paris

  1. Ruben says:

    Awwww you remembered me that was so beautiful, almost as beautiful as the honour of those who fought for a better world 🙂

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