American Football and Economics Knowledge Thereof

I tend to upset people on the Left, especially the Alt Left these days. But this is what keeps me up nights.

Conservatives have a delusion that capitalism as she is currently constructed is not close to collapse by say 2035 (my best guess timing) given environmental, economic instability, and inequality pressures. And they have no idea how to reform it, see no need to reform it, indeed want to make it worse, far worse, hence their climate change denial and overturning financial regulation and providing tax cuts for the rich. This is likely the reason civilizations collapse: Conservatism can’t see change or the need to adapt to it.

The Left on the other hand. Well they are like me and American Football. Apart from a few team names and the idea there is something called The Super Bowl, I know absolutely nothing about American Football. This is about how much the Left, especially the vocal Alt Left in the US and UK, know about the real economy.

Now if you are going to build a viable greatly reformed (my most probable to be successful approach), or even an alternative to Capitalism, you actually do need to know how capitalism currently works: how food is grown, things made, services provided and the system to make that happen: market economy capitalism and its bastard brother Wall Street etc.

If you don’t then yep the collapse will happen and likely someone like Lenin or Mao who knew about as much about economics as I know about American Football, will take over and millions or in our case hundreds of millions of people will die in the process because food won’t be grown, goods won’t be made and services not provided. Go look at Somalia if you want to see it in action. Or just read about the Great Leap Forward in China: 40 million dead from Mao economic illiteracy. Took China 30 years to recover…

So go figure and sorry to those I upset. I am in my Mark Baum in the Big Short mode at present…. 


About creativeconflictwisdom

I spent 32 years in a Fortune Five company working on conflict: organizational, labor relations and senior management. I have consulted in a dozen different business sectors and the US Military. I work with a local environmental non profit. I have written a book on the neuroscience of conflict, and its implications for conflict handling called Creative Conflict Wisdom (forthcoming).
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