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Donald Trump’s unwitting surrender to China by Edward Luce

Great piece in today’s UK Financial Times by Edward Luce. Basically it says that Trump really is an unwitting Chinese rather than Russian Trojan Horse, and I think he and the GOP is too deeply stupid to realize it. And … Continue reading

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Ranting: Channeling my Inner Steve Carell from the movie “The Big Short”

Some of my posts on this blog, people tell me, who know me and have heard me rant on the insanity of much present day politics, should be heard through the lens of the character Mark Baum, who is played … Continue reading

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Beware The Tory Cult that is Steering Brexit: Simon Kuper

Someone else shares my view that the UK Conservative Party is in the grip of Cargo Cult with catastrophic consequences: “The difficulty of Brexiting is part of the appeal: only a great tribe can renew itself through sacrifice”  In South … Continue reading

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