Best Books on Conflict

Several people have recently asked me for a bibliography of books that have helped shaped my view of how to handle conflict. Here are some of them and as you will see many of them are not directly about conflict, but have nevertheless helped me see it more clearly:

  1. Getting to Yes: Roger Fisher and William Ury
  2. Getting Past No: William Ury
  3. Getting to Peace: William Ury
  4. The Robot’s Rebellion: Keith Stanovich
  5. The Better Angels of Our Nature: Steven Pinker
  6. Judgment in Managerial Decision Making: Max Bazerman
  7. Kuhn versus Popper: Steve Fuller
  8. Imagine: How Creativity Works: Jonah Lehrer
  9. Lateral Thinking: Edward De Bono
  10. The Artist’s Way: Julia Cameron
  11. Patterns, Thinking and Cognition: Howard Margolis
  12. The Fog of War: James Blight and Janet Lang
  13. Negotiation Analysis: Howard Raiffa
  14. Human Minds: Margaret Donaldson
  15. The Fundamentalist World: Stuart Sim
  16. Solving Tough Problems: Adam Kahane
  17. Descartes Error: Antonio Damasio
  18. On Dialogue: David Bohm
  19. Mirroring People: Marco Iacaboni
  20. Being Wrong: Kathryn Shulz
  21. Finite and Infinite Games: James P Carse
  22. A Recursive Vision: Ecological Understanding of Gregory Bateson: Harries Jones
  23. Beyond Reason: Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro
  24. Inquiring Man: Don Bannister and Fay Fransella
  25. Anatomy of a Miracle Patti Waldemeir
  26. Brain and Culture Bruce Wexler
  27. Origins of Wealth: Eric Beinhocker
  28. The Fog of War: DVD Directed by Errol Morris
  29. The Emotional Brain: Joseph LeDoux
  30. Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge: Imre Lakatos and Alan Musgrave
  31. Our Inner Ape: De Waals
  32. Fearful Warriors by Ralph White
  33. The Spirit Level: Richard Wilkinson
  34. The Happiness Hypothesis: Jonathan Haidt
  35. The Righteous Mind: Jonathan Haidt
  36. The Meme Machine: Susan Blackmore
  37. Heraclitus: Fragments: Translated by Brooks Haxton
  38. Hegel: Very Short Guide: Peter Singer
  39. Plato by R.M Hare: Past Masters
  40. Marx; David McClellan
  41. Marx: Peter Singer
  42. Postmodernism: A Very Short Introduction: Christopher Butler
  43. Hobbes: Very Short Guide: Richard Tuck
  44. Social Dominance: An Intergroup Theory of Social Hierarchy and Oppression: Jim Sidanius and Felicia Pratto
  45. Science, Truth and Democracy: Philip Kitcher
  46. Making Up the Mind: How the Brain Creates our Mental World: Chris Frith
  47. Clausewitz: A Very Short Introduction: Michael Howard
  48. Social Intelligence: Daniel Goleman
  49. Collapse: Jared Diamond
  50. The Difference: Scott Page
  51. Emotion: A Very Short Guide: Dylan Evans
  52. Understanding Emotions: Keith Oatley, Dacher Keltner and Jennifer M Jenkins
  53. Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction: Ken Binmore
  54. The Selfish Meme: Kate Distin
  55. Creativity: Mihalyi Czikcentmihalyi
  56. Expert Political Opinion Philip Tetlock

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