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Dunning Kruger Effect and Recent Political Developments

Every day that passes seems to suggest that the Dunning-Kruger Effect is at work on an industrial scale, in both the US, with the Trump Presidency, and the UK over Brexit. But then I may be biased. I thought it … Continue reading

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In Memory of Kenneth Arrow (1921-2017)

The great American economist Kenneth Arrow, whose work has often been misused, died last month. A great modeler, yes, but also an economist who never forgot on what assumptions the models were based. One of his deeper insights: “A democratic … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Address: Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) Redux

Once again it feels like we are in a political Civil (or even uncivil) War, once again at Gettysburg: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated … Continue reading

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Handling Sexual Harrassment: West Wing Style

My favorite West Wing clip illustrates come uppance and also the best possible cure for sexual harrassment: it also shows the value of a good BATNA, best alternative to a negotiated agreement, in this case the Secret Service..    

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Restoration of Democracy Act 2018

The Democrats should have a team working on a Restoration of Democracy Act for proposing in 2018 that would: 1) Create non partisan boundary commissions to overturn all gerrymandering 2) Establish a Right to Vote Act to protect citizens right … Continue reading

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Pseudo-Revolutions from Above: Former Soviet Union and Trump’s America

Some history people don’t understand, at least as I see it. The fall of the former Soviet Union as described in “Revolution from Above: The Demise of the Soviet System” by David M. Kotz was not a bottom up revolution, … Continue reading

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Trump is the New Hugo Chavez: Look to Venezuela for Insights: Judo not Boxing

I think this article in the Caracas Chronicles,  “How to Culture Jam a Populist in Four Easy Steps” by Andrés Miguel Rondón – is insightful. Especially the idea we should judo Trump, not box him. Though I don’t think the steps are … Continue reading

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