Favorite Websites

For getting your creative juices going and because I love because the way it admits its conflicted feelings/dilemmas:


The website associated with this blog and slowly acquiring conflict toolkits is:


Conflict Resolution Information is a very comprehensive source of conflict resolution material based at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA with a rather different perspective from this blog:


The Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation (and source code for interest based bargaining) website is at:


The Uppsala Conflict Data Base is a great source of information on continuing world violent conflicts since 1975 at:


I love maps and this site gives you maps that will inform and change how you view the under pinnings of global conflict:


The Stockholm Peace Research Institute has great information on international conflict and military expenditures  at:


And the University of Bradford, UK Peace Studies Department focusing on peace initiatives is at:


And I love this website which makes our political difference at least two dimensional rather than Left/Right linear:


The Moral Values team at the University of Virginia under Jonathan Haidt are doing great work on the under pinnings of conservative and liberal politics and can be found at:


You can see a Adobe play map of the world’s 20th century conflicts at the Nobel Prize for Peace site:


Jerome Slater’s blog on the Middle East:


I have just found Peace Mapping a site that uses graphics to help brainstorm creative new approaches to conflict at:


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