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Top Ten Conflict Tips for Environmental Activists

Here’s a posting for the good folk I meet for breakfast at Selma Cafe on how to be more effective environmental activists: Environmental work is inherently conflictual: don’t deny, avoid or be afraid of this, but think how you can … Continue reading

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The Pending US Economic Collapse and Republican/Tea Party Fundamentalism

Interesting piece in today’s British Observer by Will Hutton on what is about to happen this week to the US and world economies. It is not pretty. If the US cannot service its public debts and defaults, the outcome will … Continue reading

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Patchwork Nation: the 12 Economically and Socially Different United States

There is an interesting website that throws a lot of light on current US political conflict and reality, called Patchwork Nation which maps by county the 12 different socio-economic bases for what are effectively 12 different United States at:  http://www.patchworknation.org/content/patchwork-nation-map?m=1&set_community_type=cc

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Map of European Income Inequality

Differences in income inequality always fascinate me. I grew up in a society with a Gini Index of .25 (UK in the 1950s) and now live in one with a Gini Index of .46 (current USA compared with .38 in … Continue reading

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