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American Addiction to High Cost Health Care with Limited Results

I enjoyed this article by Stanton Peele on American addiction to high cost health care. It breaks the pattern of recent debates on Obamacare by focusing on the real issue: rising costs without rising results. Addiction—the thematic malady for our … Continue reading

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Why People Don’t Use Systematic Processes: Top Ten Conflict Tips

There are a wide array of excellent books that suggest good ways to do things like make decisions or handle conflict. But in my experience, even those people who are trained in such approaches, and shown that they can be … Continue reading

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Medical Errors Kill 100,000: Conflict, Process Discipline and the Medical System

I love American surgeon Atul Gawande’s book ‘The Check List Manifesto‘, which is the inspiration behind the Creative Conflict Model of this blog, which is itself a conflict check list or process discipline. Atul shows very clearly the massive difference, … Continue reading

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