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The US Republican Party: Wilfull Blindness All the Way Down

I am reading Margaret Hefferman’s interesting book ‘Willful Blindness’. She shows how the concept that was invented in 19th century English law to cover situations where for example you carry a suitcase with unknown contents for a lot of money … Continue reading

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The Republican Negotiating Strategy 101

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Rick Santorum versus Barack Obama: America’s Clash of Civilizations

Great piece in today’s UK Guardian by Michael Wolff about the upcoming US Presidential Election. If Santorum is nominated, we will get an almighty, but perhaps welcome referendum on the kind of country we want to live i Rick Santorum, … Continue reading

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US Conservatism, the South and Denialism

In 1964, the passage of the Civil Rights Act, lost, as President Johnson predicted, the Southern Democrats to the Democrat Party and set the stage for the ‘Southern Strategy’ that won Nixon the Presidency in 1968 and gave the Republicans … Continue reading

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