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John McCain’s Salute to a Life Long Communist: Delmer Berg

While I disagree with John McCain on many things, I did like his stand on immigration reform and also campaign finance reform and he is a giant compared with the current moral pygmies (no disrespect to pygmies intended) contesting the … Continue reading

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Footnote to the Liberation of Paris

I am reposting an old post and dedicating it to Ruben for reminding me not to be too focused on economics:  In the horrors of war, I also appreciate unexpected historical irony and justice, and in this case connected with … Continue reading

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Conflict Art: Picasso’s Guernica

One of the great war paintings of the 20th century is Guernica to commemorate the bombing of that Basque city, by German planes of the Condor Legion operating with Franco’s forces in Spain on April 27th 1937. Though not the … Continue reading

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Welsh Miners in Someone Else’s Fight

Spanish Civil War drew volunteers from all over Europe in 1936-9 and a fuller picture of it is emerging as Spain comes to terms with its past. Continue reading

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