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The Medium is the Message: Historical Impact of New Technologies

New media are usually haled as a major step in the spreading of enlightenment and knowledge. However: In 1487 two Dominican Friars Heinrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger published “Malleus Malificarum”, (Hammer of the Witches) the definitive treatise on why someone … Continue reading

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Twelve Rules for Life as an Alternative to Jordan Peterson’s

 Conservative Canadian academic psychologist Jordan Peterson (1962-) is currently all the rage, especially, apparently among resentful young men. I don’t know any of the latter so I will take peoples’ word for it. His You Tube talks have gone viral … Continue reading

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Nothing Can Happen Because of Israel?

Well I guess I post controversial views, happy for them to be contested. I think what Israel is doing in Gaza is appalling. But I add an economic historical perspective (as that was once my field of study) to the … Continue reading

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Society, Individual/Group Behavior and Private Property

I have recently been in some on-line debates on the above issue and thought the dialogue in one of them on the Real World Economics site worth posting: Part of the Comment I was responding to: “While there may be … Continue reading

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