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Debating with a Bernie Sanders Supporter

I had a interesting discussion on line with a Bernie Sanders supporter and this was one of my comments: You miss my point. Sanders could well win the swing voters, but turn off millions of others. And of course voters … Continue reading

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Impeachment in a Picture

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Corbyn Tory Useful Idiot?

If, as seems likely, Corbyn goes down to disaster, on December 12th; then the next UK General Election, due in late 2024, will be one, in which the last time Labour won an election, without Tony Blair leading it, was … Continue reading

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OK Boomer

The Millennial-Baby Boomer conflict, while having, like all such conflict, much basis and justification in material reality and relative wealth. But is actually foundationally just another divide-and-rule tactic on the part of the Plutocracy, just like race, gender, religion, nationalism … Continue reading

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